Okemo- day one


About a month ago a friend of mine 5 year old son asked his mom, “ has Kasha had her Okemo yet?” It took me a few minutes to process as we have all gone skiing together but when I said it out loud I realized what he was asking. I decided right then that Okemo sounds much more bearable than Chemo and that Okemo was the new name for my treatment.

I was so anxious to begin this process for two reasons. One,  I am petrified of IV’s -the sight of one makes me sick and that is how Okemo is administered. Two, I have seen “ My Sisters Keeper” and read all the online forums about how sick it makes you. How your hair falls out, so may as well shave it before and all other horrible things not worth to mention. ( I know I shouldn’t be on those sites but come on, who wouldn’t?  )  I know it was Day 1 and I realize that it may get worse  and that the symptoms are cumulative but who knows maybe Im the the exception and not the rule.

So Okemo went great, its all relative these days and  I say that because I knew I wasn’t going to a day spa for a facial. My cold cap ( a device that cools down my scalp before, during and after treatment to prevent my hair from falling out) didn’t come in time so I had the company professional meet me at the hospital with the one I would use for my first treatment. She taught me, Patrick  and all the nurses,  how to use it in order to get the best results. We actually all went into the hospital bathroom which was only weird when another patient tried walking in. Anyway, after my cold cap was on I got plugged into the ice machine and  they gave me fluids, Tylenol and Benadryl to avoid any allergic reactions to the treatment ahead. I fell asleep minutes after and Patrick was left to sign my forms.

I woke up about an hour after my treatment was done which is the added time of cooling I need to make sure Okemo doesn’t reach my hair follicles. I was’t sick just tired and hungry. Really hungry! It was desperate times too because I took apple sauce despite my aversion to its texture.

After that I was observed for 30 minutes which gave Patrick and I enough time to come up with dinner plans. Luckily my friend was working at one of the bars in the North End and so we went for a delicious dinner and a much deserved glass of red.

Today, I was happily surprised when I woke up feeling great and I couldn’t wait to get  back to work. I felt fine all day. Just really hungry and really thirsty. So happy to report its not as bad as the forums or the movies and I hope this continues but I’m keeping an open mind.

I am convinced that all your prayers and good wishes were the reason it went the way it did, so I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You mean the world to me<3


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