When life gives you lemons, you pray they are lulu.

Happy New Year! Thanks for tuning in and I hope you like my new site.

This blog has given me the unique opportunity to sort out my emotions without having a preconceived conclusion on how they make me feel. While having cancer sucks, writing about it renders the clarity to see the good. Today’s story is one of many examples of “the good” that has come from my “sucky” situation.
I attempted to write this story more times than I’d like to admit until I realized it wasn’t my narrative.
If you had the pleasure to meet my (future) mother in law, MaryEllen, you have witnessed her ability to connect with complete strangers, over anything, everywhere she goes. So here is what happened when she was Christmas shopping at Lululemon.

Christmas shopping can be a daunting task if you stress over finding the perfect gift for someone.  Some people are much easier to buy for than others.  Kasha is one of those easy to please people, but I still wanted to make sure what I bought her was something she would love and be of purpose. I threw out a few of my ideas to Amanda, my son Greg‘s girlfriend, who suggested that I get Kasha a pair of Lululemon yoga pants. She told me Kasha has a pair that she loves but they were capri length, and this is certainly not capri weather.  She suggested a certain style and after checking them out online I went to the Lululemon at the Rockingham Mall. At this point I decided to also get Amanda a pair, since I know she loves them as well. I chose a pair for Amanda and then found a different style for Kasha, not the style Amanda suggested, but a style that I felt was of a heavier weight fabric.  Plus it was a herringbone pattern I knew Kasha would like.  As I was making my selections, one of the sales girls came over to me to see if I needed assistance. I told her I was all set and we proceeded to the register.  As she was ringing  up my purchases, we began talking about the pants that I had chosen.  She told me how much she really liked them, especially the ones I was getting Kasha.  I told her that the pants were Christmas gifts for my son’s girlfriend’s, and I had chosen the ones for Kasha in particular because they were thicker, and because she was going through chemo treatments in Boston and would get cold during the treatment so the thicker pants would keep her warmer.  The girl stopped what she was doing, looked at me, and asked “did you just say your sons girlfriend has cancer, how old is she?”  I told her about Kasha and getting her diagnosis, and about the treatments that she will be undergoing for the next year.  We agreed that it wasn’t fair for someone so young, with a little girl and a wedding to plan, to go through something like this.  She told me how she feels very strongly that insurance companies should lower the age of covered mammograms, which I agreed with.  We finished chatting, she finished my transaction, and I left the store thinking how nice and personable she was. But also thought perhaps I had blabbed too much to a perfect stranger! Later that night, while on my iPad, I got an instant message on Facebook from an unfamiliar name.  When I opened it up, this is what the message said –
Hi Mary Ellen – so sorry for finding you on here.  This is Dee & Rachael- the girls from lululemon Rockingham.We have set aside a couple things for your daughter in law.  We were so moved by her story and would love to make sure she is comfortable during this hard time.It’s just a couple pairs of pants and a comfy blanket.  You can pick them up at the store or we are happy to mail them to you or her.  Thanks for coming by tonight & Happy Holidays.

I was in shock!  I got right back to Dee and said I’d pop in the store within a few days.  When I went to the store I walked up to the 1st sales associate I saw and said I was looking for Dee, Rachael or Kayla, and she replied  “you must be Mary Ellen, I’m Dee!”  She told me how after I left that night that the sales associate who helped me, Rachael, had told her and Kayla, the store manager, my story about Kasha.  The three of them immediately agreed to put something together for Kasha and tried calling my cell phone to get me to come right back to the store, but the number they had was incorrect.  They thought of another way to find me and decided to look on Facebook since they said almost everyone is on Facebook.  And there they found me!  These three Santa’s elves, as I called them, did such a remarkable heartfelt deed, brought me to tears in the store.  I couldn’t thank them enough for their generosity, and also for caring so much.  They are three very special people with such kind and compassionate hearts.

I decided to wait until Christmas to give Kasha her special gift.  I told her the story and about the three “lulu elves”, and we all decided that this was what Christmas was all about, caring and taking care of each other. ~

Their kind gesture and compassionate spirit are both refreshing and admirable. They remind us all that an act of kindness has the power to completely change someone’s outlook on the situation. In my case, these small blessings outweigh the difficulties  of cancer and remind  me to cherish every good day, value my  time with friends and family and ultimately see this battle for “the good” and not the “sucky”.

3 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons, you pray they are lulu.

  1. joannkalogianis says:

    Teary. Gorgeous event. Ever deserved.
    Shows how “good” a “sucky” thing can be. It touches people in ways we may never know.

    Lovely to hear how great the LuLu girls responded.

    Rock on, girl.
    Love and Hugs,


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